Bass Amplification Policy

FAMI generally holds acoustic events, however lately we have found a number of musicians favouring acoustic (rather than upright) bass guitars.  In a performance, class or jam setting it is clear these acoustic basses do not have sufficient volume to be heard above the other instruments found at FAMI events.  In addition, we have noted a decreasing number of upright bass players attending FAMI events.

We believe the bass is an important addition to a musical performance and to learning to play in an ensemble and want to encourage the participation of bass players.

To this end FAMI has instituted a policy allowing the use of acoustic non-upright basses with amplification as follows:

  • Acoustic, resonator or uke bass (not solid body electric) only
  • A small, portable bass amp – you must bring your own bass amp if you:
    • register in a class that allows the use of bass amps and/or
    • plan to use the instrument in a jam or an applicable workshop
  • In specifically identified classes – check class description for eligible classes
  • Acoustic basses with amps will be allowed in jams and applicable workshops – we encourage cooperation of participants to share the bass load if more than one bass player attends a class, jam or workshop

No other instruments requiring amplification or power will be allowed. No amps may be used for any purpose other than for bass amplification as described in this policy

FAMI will continue to supply bass amps on the stage in the main Lodge and in the Acoustic Guitar store (located in the old dining room).

In the spirit of musical collaboration, FAMI will rely on the bass player and the rest of the musical community to ensure that all instruments are played at a volume appropriate to the musical setting and the space.  FAMI reserves the right to require the bass player to reduce the volume upon request.