Instructor:   Chelsea Sleep

Course Description:

Level: 2-3  (see Playing Experience Level descriptions at the bottom of the page)

Taught in the aural tradition, this mixed intermediate level class will learn tunes from a mix of styles, focusing on multi-layers, harmonies, back-up groove parts and overall arranging for groups/ensembles.

Sheet music for tunes will be provided at the end of the last class so come with your ears and your audio recorders charged!

Chelsea Sleep

Born and bred on the densely rain forested Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Chelsea’s musical upbringing was fostered by local youth fiddle association, the Coast String Fiddlers. Chelsea grew up performing for local Scottish Country dances and events, and attended fiddle camps and workshops all over Canada immersing herself in every style of fiddling she could get her hands on. Chelsea studied closely with prolific Canadian fiddler and composer, Oliver Schroer, and performed with his ensemble, The Twisted String. She has taught at fiddle camps and workshops throughout British Columbia and Ontario, and in remote towns in Northern Canada.

She has become a well-known advocate for teaching Schroer’s music, and for being exceptionally gifted working with young children, beginner adults, and arranging music for large group ensembles. Chelsea was the well-loved Musical Director for Bad to the Bow Youth Fiddlers in Gibsons for 15 years.

In 2016 she moved into the Rocky Mountains to Canmore, Alberta, where she now teaches a quickly expanding and enthusiastic group of new fiddlers.

Playing Experience Levels

These guidelines aim to ensure that all camp participants have an enjoyable experience. They represent what your playing capability should be before you take the class (prerequisites).

Classes are generally designed to pace themselves to match the participants' abilities. Level 1 classes aim to proceed at the pace of the slower students in the class. Level 2 and 3 classes aim to move at the pace of the majority of students in the class. Level 4 classes are designed to push the capabilities of all students and will target the pace of the more capable students  Class descriptions that show a range (Levels 2-3) means the material presented is broadly applicable across that range.

LEVEL 1: You are new or relatively new to your instrument. You may be able to play basic chords or scales slowly. You want to learn the basics of the instrument. You have very little experience playing with others.

LEVEL 2: You are competent with basic chords and/or basic scales. You can keep rhythm and/or play basic melodies and/or sing and play at the same time if the song is familiar. You generally need the chords or melody to be written out in order to play along. You have some experience playing with others.

LEVEL 3: You are reasonably comfortable with most chords, basic major and minor scales, and can play at an appropriate tempo for songs. You are aware of time signatures, song keys, and know that there are chords called 6th, 7th, 11th, etc even if you can’t play them all. You are comfortable maintaining good rhythm and are willing to taking breaks while jamming with others, even if the breaks don't always turn out the way you planned. You may be hoping to take your playing up to the next level of performing with a group or band (beyond jamming) and you want to further improve your technique and speed.

LEVEL 4: You are skilled on your instrument and have a good understanding of musical concepts including scales, arrangements, harmonies and some improvisation. You play lead and back-up with a steady rhythm and can play skillfully with others. You know there is life further up the neck on your instrument and have some capability in that world. You have performing experience, can hold a tune, and can harmonize.