Multi-Person Registration Instructions

You can register up to 4 people on one transaction.  The instructions are as follows:

  1. Fill in the information for the first registrant and at the bottom of the form click on SAVE REGISTRANT (Figure 1),
  2. If you get an error message popping up (Figure 2) that likely means you failed to fill-in a required field – scroll up and look for the RED triangles or RED text (Figure3) to find the spots you missed.
  3. After saving a registrant a window should pop-up (Figure 4) giving you the choice to either ADD REGISTRANT or CONTINUE TO BILLING,
  4. Select ADD REGISTRANT to get an blank registration form and enter the information for the additional registrant and click on SAVE REGISTRANT and you will get the same window pop-up as in Step 2,
  5. If you inadvertently clicked on CONTINUE TO BILLING when you really wanted to ADD REGISTRANT fear not as on the billing page you still have the opportunity to ADD REGISTRANT (Figure 5),
  6. When you have entered all the registrants or hit the maximum number of 4 the pop-up window will have the option to EDIT REGISTRANTS or CONTINUE TO BILLING (Figure 6),
  7. At this point you will have the option to choose whose who the billing person is (Figure 7).  Click the CHECK BOX to use the default person or click CHANGE to get a dropdown menu (Figure 8) of the people you have registered and select the name of the person who is paying.  The name and email for that person will be automatically filled in so you will not have to re-type it.
  8. Before clicking SUBMIT on the billing page,  you still have an opportunity to edit or delete a registrant by scrolling up and clicking on the PENCIL ICON to edit or the TRASH CAN ICON to delete (Figure 9).  Once you have clicked on SUBMIT (Figure 10) and have moved to the confirmation page you will no longer be able to edit the registration data.


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