FAMI Fun Day – February Handouts

Some of the instructors have provided handouts for their workshops. Please download the files for those workshops you are planning to attend on February 27, 2021.  Just click on the Workshop Name below and a ZIP file will automatically be downloaded to your computer.  Located the downloaded file (usually in your Download Folder) and unzip the file to view the material.

Please check back often as this page will be updated as new material is provided. Thanks.

Clawhammer Banjo
Barry Luft

Guitar – Noodles & Twiddly Bits
Steve Goodchild

Don’t Wait Too Long ~ Madeleine Payrox (2004)
Jason Valleau

Here are the chords that Madeleine uses and the exact chord shapes. Follow them closely as they are only 3 string chords and will help you hear the inner harmonies of the chord. She plays this in D so you’ll have to simply move the chords up two frets to play along with her. I didn’t write out the bridge but see if you can figure them out! If you get stuck contact me: Valleau.jason@gmail.com

Ukulele Players as Emerging Musicians
Barry Luft

John Wort Hannam

Corcovado (Quiet Nights) ~ Antonio Carlos Jobim (1960)
Jason Valleau

Here are the EXACT chord shapes that João Gilberto plays. The chords in this song have been written incorrectly for decades. Enjoy! I have also included the lead sheet so you can see the melody.

Steve Goodchild

Guitar / Uke – Get Rhythm!
Barry Truter

Guitar – Colouring with Chords
Jim McLennan