Information about your Class & A/V setup.

Class & Workshop Information

this is for the 3.5 hour session
A brief description to post on our website to let people know what to expect in the class.
If you are doing a 50-minute workshop in addition to the main class fill in the title here.
A brief description of what you intent to cover in the workshop

A/V Gear Questions:

Preference is a more recent computer, not an iPhone or Ipad or ancient machine
Using the most recent version of Zoom (5.6.1) gives one access to all the lastest updates and features
A strong preference for wired connection over WiFi as a wired connection will always be faster and more stable.
Download speed is not that important, upload is the key. > 5Mbps is ideal (hard to do with WiFi). Speed can be tested at or
ie built-in camera / external camera / multiple cameras etc
From an external source linked via USB to the computer is ideal. What is your setup - computer mic, external dynamic or condenser, interface?
Check any that apply - if you have other needs or do not know how to use these features - please add your comments in the box below

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