Roles, Descriptions & Codes

Abbr Volunteer Roles & Descriptions

Organize performance order at each concert

  • Open Stage – retrieve the sign-up sheet from the bulletin board. Re-organize the sign up sheets to stagger solos, duets and group acts.
  • Band Scramble (May and August only) – create groups from the sign up list. Incorporate groups into Open Stage concert order.

Order of performance is to remain confidential until the concert begins to promote attendance and support for all performers. Make copies for the MC’s.


Concierge / Parking

  • Assist with attendees arriving at camp by vehivle and giving directions to parking & registrations.
  • Helping attendees find their rooms.

Camp set-up

  • Start time is approx. 3:00 pm on the first day.
  • Jobs will vary. Team leads and assignments to be determined at camp

Camp tear down

  • Start time is after lunch on last day.
  • Jobs will vary. Team leads and assignments to be determined at camp

Help with Instructors’ Dinner (May and August Camps only)

  • Set up tables, chairs and beverage station (location TBD – details to follow) starting at 4:45 pm
  • Assist in bringing utensils and food to the dinner location.
  • Clean and put away tables at 6:45 pm; return dishes and utensils to the kitchen

Make ginger tea

  • FAMI supplies the ginger and the caffeine free tea
  • Check the pot throughout the day. When the pot is getting low, do not remove the ginger or the tea bags; just add more hot water or ginger and tea in a cheesecloth bag when needed.
  • Full instructions are at the tea station.

Marshalling performers for concerts

  • Ensure the next group is ready on standby

MC for concerts

  • One or more Volunteers per concert
  • Announce which Group is on deck and which Group is going to the Green Room
  • Introduce the Group going onto the stage.

Set out snacks after concerts

  • 4 – 5 volunteers for each day
  • Prepare snack trays in the kitchen and take them out to the tables


  • Willing to do any job. Flexible.